About us – The firm and our business concept

Glosimot & Co Law firm AS is a law firm, that specializes in private and business law. At present we are five employees, including four lawyers/ associates.

Our main clients are within the aviation, trade and manufacturing industries, real estate, banking and finance, telecom, IT and utilities. We also take a lot of assigments from private persons.

Our ambition and objective is to be one of the leading small to medium-sized law firms in Norway.

Our business concept is that our size, approach, flexibility and versatility will give our clients the best possible advice at competitive prices.

As a smaller law firm we provide our clients with a better and tighter follow-up than most Norwegian law firms. This gives our clients a very cost-efficient advisory service.

We deliberately operate within most business areas. As opposed to pure specialisation, the practical work in the various fields of business law leads to improved creativity and enhanced qualifications, which we believe serve our clients optimally. The fact is that a dispute or problem often can be solved in many different ways. Through our comprehensiveness we select thoughts from various business areas/situations and utilize these in solving problems at other areas.

§ Visit: Eiendomsmegling www.selgboligselv.no for more information about our work with real estate.